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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wild Flower Fox's Smart Phone Etiquette

Seeing that my relationship with my Smart phone has become too codependent, I'm on a mission to change the way I fill in the gaps during the day.

Strategy #1
No phone at the table with friends and family. Enjoy their company. Listen and share sincerely.

Strategy #3
Give the phone a rest while in bathroom. Need I say more?

Strategy #4
No phone on dog walk... (Tweak that!)bring digital camera instead.

Phone in glove box during commute. People can wait. Safety First.
No point in becoming another statistic.

When travelling, pull over to a rest stop and bring out the digital camera. It takes better landscape shots than the smart phone and you will avoid window spots from rain, bugs;or in this Canadian's case, snow on the photo.

Strategy #7
Lights off for bed. No scrolling or texting. Set alarm on and other alerts off.
Have a pleasant, undistracted sleep.

Enough for now!

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