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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gimmee Mia My Miata!

The miata convertible is still sleeping under its blanket, tucked away in my garage. Dear Mr. Highway man hurry up and get the gravel off the roads so I can bring her out! Manny says today might be the day. The sun is shining, but a cold blast of wind in my face is not what I am wishing for! Soon though, I will say hello to her shiny red paint and together we will cruise! Soon baby. Soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pictures To Share In The Hope Of Spring!

Winter is the reality, but Spring is in my heart!


The grocery store near my house was selling this purple heather like plant called "Campanula Get Mee."I proceeded to "get mee" home with it, in order to assist in recovering from a mild case of "cabin fever." Upon reading the tag I further discovered that when the ground thaws this plant can be tucked into the great outdoors for perennial flowering into summer. Let's hope!

Snow White tulips are appreciated more than the real thing at the moment! For all my neighbors who remembered to plant their daffodils and tulips last fall before the snow...I will enjoy your garden views!



Here I am...finally!

I have been rummaging through the neighborhood thrift store for special finds. Sometimes I am lucky. I am hoping to finally pull together my 30 year old home in Okotoks, Alberta. My old "antique dealer" days have once again sprouted up since searching for treasure to decorate my home. I think I may save a few trinkets for those of you that might enjoy them in the future so stay tuned!

"Manny" my husband thinks I am about to write a serious book about my life growing up in the north country. Maybe someday, but for now I have some pictures of spring decor to share. I hope you enjoy the shots as well as I enjoyed taking them. Manny's Christmas camera to me is about to get a workout!


This fairy vase was a find in a shop on the coast of Oregon during a summer visit with my mom. The quaint town of Seaside is a favorite vacation spot of mine. This "little girl" had a defect on her foot which reminded me of a barefoot accident I once had collecting snails on the back snye around the Island of Ft. Simpson, North West Territories where I grew up. Maybe I will end up writing about the north after all!

I love it when the roses open up and share their rich sultry scent!

Amish Friendship Bread

This bread given to me in a bag weeks ago arrived in an innocent fashion. "Would you like some friendship bread?" "Sure!" I said. Somehow forgetting my past transgressions with the doughy slime. Okay! So first you must remember which days to squish the bag and which days to add ingredients. I finally got that figured. Give or take a day! Made a batch and bagged the rest. I did not have the right amount of pudding mix to add to the mixture but the bread turned out anyway! Made it again the following two weeks and even remembered to add the sugary cinnamon topping for extra calories. Well, the oldest son took a bread,(more like a cake really). He ended up coming back for another sample. Thank goodness, because I have so many bags of dough around the house Manny is worried. I guess I need to bake less and go deliver some bread bags to my friends!DSC00128
Okay, I will confess: I have about 5 more bags of the stuff growing under my desk at work. Tomorrow I will find some unsuspecting victim to unleash this labour of love on!

Snow Mold!

Last night the husky woke me up for her midnightly moon gazing adventure. Back to bed I realize I have full blown cold like symptoms and am in search of the kleenex box. Up at 6am. heading to work anyway due to the fact that I have a dire need to deliver the Amish Friendship Bread! Anyway turns out its all over but the sneezing...Boss says, "Blame it on the SNOW MOLD!" She could be right. Snow mold anyone?