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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Be My Own Life Coach

I want to be my own Life Coach. I want to listen to my true self and design my life in a way that brings blessing to others while at the same time prosperity and happiness to me and my family. I know my own mind and yet often I have made choices that support a safe journey rather than one I can continue to be truly passionate about.
Thirty years in education has been a path of Life Long Learning. It has brought me joy seeing students embrace their learning. It has shown me good teachers who care for others and work steadfast to plan for student success. It has brought me through all grades from Kindergarten to High School, teaching all levels and working as Principal and Assistant Principal in public, private and federal reserve schools. My lastest position running Fort McMurray's Public School District  Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative has encouraged entrepreneurial spirit in First Nation's and Metis youth. So now I will take the next step. A leap of faith. I will venture into unknown waters. Boldly going where I have not yet been. Today I will build a website for Wildflowerfox Healing Arts. Stay tuned!

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